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What is Chattyloo Anyway?

Chattyloo is a simple asynchronous chat application written in Ruby. It's simple to embed and it’s simple to use, in fact, users don’t have to signin, they don’t have nicknames or avatars. If you need those features Chattyloo isn’t for you!

Right now, users are identified by a random color that is generated when they enter the chat, we're working on a better solution, but it’s inteded to stay simple and fun.

Who cares, there are like a million other chat apps! That’s true! Chattyloo is different, it doesn't use XMPP, Juggernaut, or Comet. Chattyloo takes advantage of Sever-Sent Events. It’s far simpler than plain old WebSockets and much more secure because it’s HTTP.

Free and Open Source

There are a lot of solutions for chat out there, many cost money! Chattyloo is free and It’s completely open-source, meaning you can help make it better! Learn more about how Chattyloo was built.